News & Updates

Students will be taking their Benchmark Exams in each of their core courses on October 25th, 26th, and 27th. Please read on for important reminders. 

Dismissal: Dismissal times will vary, and students should have received personalized schedules last week.  

On Wednesday 10/25, most students will be dismissed at 1:25pm.  On Thursday 10/26, students who do NOT have an afternoon exam will be dismissed at 10:45am. Students with an afternoon exam will be dismissed at 1:25pm.  On Friday 10/27, students who do NOT have make-up exams will be dismissed at 10:45am. Only students who have make-up exams will stay later, and those students are dismissed when they finish their exams.

Bus Service: On Wednesday (10/25) the bus will run at the normal time, 1:30pm, but due to the atypical schedule, the bus will pick up from CCSC 11:00am on Thursday (10/26) and Friday (10/27). 

After School Programming: After school learning centers will not be held on benchmark exam days, but Behavior Reflection will be held on all three benchmark exam days for one hour. 

Please see the following letter from Head of School, Caleb Hurst-Hiller, and the entire CCSC staff and faculty community.


Dear RETURNING families,

In order to prepare for the 2017-2018 school year, PowerSchool access will be temporarily suspended for students and families until the new school year is visible.  You and your student will receive a finalized schedule in the mail later this month as well as on the first day of classes (8/30). Please contact your child's principal if you need to know your child's math placement in order to purchase supplies or complete summer work. We request that you hold any other scheduling questions until you receive your copy in the mail. Thank you!