2017 Roundtables take place every hour, on the hour, at the following times:

  • Thursday, June 22: 7 AM - 7 PM (last Roundtable begins at 6 PM)
  • Friday, June 23: 8 AM - 5 PM (last Roundtable begins at 4 PM)
  • Monday, June 26: 1 PM - 5 PM (last Roundtable begins at 4 PM)

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Each June, every CCSC student in grades 6 through 11 presents his or her annual “Roundtable.” The Roundtable is a 45-minute individual session during which the student demonstrates mastery of specific content acquired over the course of the year, through the examination of major pieces of work in the core academic subjects. In addition, students read a letter reflecting on their personal growth as well as some of the challenges each has overcome over the course of the school year.  Students prepare for their Roundtable presentations during advisory meetings and in their core classes throughout the school year. 

Roundtables provide an opportunity for students to present and defend several examples of their class work (“artifacts”) as well as written reflections on this work. A typical Roundtable audience consists of the student’s parent or guardian, the student’s advisor, a second faculty member, and someone from the community who is generally not known to the student.  Students often choose to invite one friend to attend, serving the capacity of an advocate. 

Based on a standard rubric and detailed criteria, the advisor and the CCSC faculty/staff members who participated decide whether the student passes his or her Roundtable. A successful Roundtable is a required for promotion to the next grade level.

To watch video highlights from an 11th grader’s Roundtable, please click here.

How to Prepare Your Student for Roundtables (info packet for parents & guardians)