While academics are our top priority at CCSC, we believe all students benefit from participating in extracurricular activities, and we strongly encourage students in all grades to participate in at least one activity, club, or team sport every year. In 2013-14, 78% of students took part in at least one extracurricular. Over 50% participated in more than one activity. We offered 41 different activities including sports and clubs. 

For high school students, participation is especially important as selective colleges look for well-rounded students who have demonstrated commitment, initiative, and leadership outside the classroom. We expect all students in grades 9-12 to participate in at least one team sport, club, or activity every year.

Extracurriculars complement academics by helping students discover new interests and pursue known passions more deeply. By participating students learn to be both leaders and team players, and they learn effective time management through balancing homework with team practices and club meetings. Extracurriculars help build community and school spirit by fostering friendships across grade levels and relationships with coaches and club advisors.

We try to offer activities that meet a broad range of interests, and welcome students’ ideas for new clubs and activities. In addition, we offer several career exploration programs led by outside organizations, and are always seeking to expand our partnerships in the local community.