Snack Program

Snack during DEAR

Students may bring a snack from the pre-approved snack list to eat while reading (not taking the place of reading) in DEAR. If snack becomes a distraction, the DEAR monitor has the right to make the student put the snack away. Only one snack per student is allowed, and the snack must be on our list of healthy snacks.

Examples include: carrots and hummus, packet of wheat thins, string cheese, one piece of fruit, protein/energy bar.

Students will not be allowed to refrigerate snacks. Please pack snacks in an insulated carrier. Snacks should be finger foods that can be eaten without utensils.

The following snacks are not allowed: Chips, Cookies, Sweets, and Candy.

Snacks may not contain nuts (check the labels of products like granola or energy bars).

Students may drink water with their snack. No other beverages are allowed.

Questions? Please contact the school nurse at 617-354-0047 ext. 209.

Note: DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) meets every day except Wednesday from 9:53-10:23 AM.