Transportation & T-Passes

Cambridge Public School Bus (Cambridge residents in grades 6-8): Transportation is provided by the Cambridge Public Schools Transportation Department for Cambridge residents in 6th, 7th and 8th grades who live more than 1.5 miles from school. For more information, call the CPS Transportation Department at 617-349-6860 or 617-349-6862.

Please note: The bus does not run when CPS has holidays, even if CCSC is in session. 

Follow that Bus! The Transportation Department now tweets major delays and other important news. Follow us on Twitter.

CPS Bus Schedules: 

2016-2017 Bus Schedule

Red Lobster AM Schedule

Purple Snail AM Schedule




TWO TYPES OF CARDS AVAILABLE NOW for currently enrolled CCSC students:

M-7 STUDENT CARDS (7 days/week card) $30/MONTH  Payments we accept are:  check or money order - made out to 'CCSC'; cash (please no bills larger than $50).

  • Can only be purchased from CCSC by currently enrolled CCSC students for $30/month.
  • Are available for purchase from September - June (academic school year).
  • Replacement cards will be available September - June from CCSC for $5/card.
  • Unlimited travel on bus, subway, Express Bus, and Commuter Rail up to Zone 2.
  • RENEWAL PAYMENT:  Must be received BEFORE the 1st of the month – MBTA DOES NOT ALLOW US TO MAKE CHANGES AFTER THE 1ST DAY OF THE MONTH!  A payment deadline calendar will be posted.
    • Students may use their current M-7 card for July and August by reloading it at the MBTA’s Fare Vending Machines at $30/month.
    • Replacement cards will NOT be available July and August.


A currently enrolled CCSC student that is NOT participating in the M-7 PROGRAM may request an S-card to be assigned to them and registered with the MBTA.

  • Can be used for “Pay As You Go” and receive a 50% discount on ALL MBTA fares – subway, local buses, express buses, ferries and commuter rail.


  • Can use it as a monthly pass – just load a monthly pass of $30 on your Student Stored Value Charlie Card (S-Card) at any of the MBTA’s Fare Vending Machines
  • Valid on local bus, subway, Express Bus, but NOT Commuter Rail.


  • IF YOU LOSE your S-Card BEFORE the 15th of the month and have purchased a monthly student pass:
  1. Report the loss to Ms. Smith at CCSC immediately.
  2. You will be assigned a replacement card for $5.00 – with no value added; and will notify the MBTA of your card loss.
  3. The MBTA will send the school a paper ticket with a monthly pass, which you may pick up from Ms. Smith.You can receive only ONE replacement per month.
  • IF YOU LOSE your S-Card AFTER the 15th of the month and have purchased a monthly pass, OR if you use your S-Card on a “pay-as-you-go” basis and lose it anytime during the month
  1. Report the loss to Ms. Smith at CCSC immediately.
  2. You will be assigned a replacement card for $5.00 – with no value added; and will notify the MBTA of your card loss.  The new card will be registered to you in the system; and the lost card will be shut-off.


  • The cards MBTA provides to our school are designed for school use only.  You must purchase and renew through CCSC, as these card numbers are specifically registered and assigned to our school.
  • Ms. TAPS and Ms. Galvin will no longer collect T-PASS payments.
  • Ms. TAPS and Ms. Galvin will no longer hand out S-Cards.  These cards are registered through the MBTA system.
  • Please do not take the M-7 CARD and try to renew at any MBTA station.  They may confiscate it and you will have to pay the $5 administrative fee to replace it.
  • You may use the S-CARD only to put in the machines at the station to put ‘money on the card’.  Make sure you have a current S-Card that is registered to you specifically.
  • These cards have computer chips in them, please do not bend them or put them through the laundry.
  • Turn your payment into Ms. Smith, or drop the completed envelope with payment enclosed in the MBTA drop box in the Charles Building. (checks, money orders or cash accepted)
  • Ms TAPS and Ms. Galvin will no longer have change; write the amount enclosed in the envelope and your change will be returned. (see envelope instructions)
  • LATE PAYMENTS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED.  The system is locked the last day of each month.  We can no longer add or change anything after the end of the month.
  • You may pay your T-pass payments in advance.



Student M-7 Card Payment Deadlines PAYMENT DEADLINE DATE
Card Active Month *NO EXCEPTIONS
September-2016 SEPTEMBER 6, TUESDAY @10:00 AM
October-2016 SEPTEMBER 29, THURSDAY @ 4:00 PM
November-2016 OCTOBER 31, MONDAY @ 11:30 AM
December-2016 NOVEMBER 30, WEDNESDAY @ 1:30 PM
January-2017 DECEMBER 22, THURSDAY @ 4:00 PM
February-2017 JANUARY 31, TUESDAY @ 4:00 PM
March-2017 FEBRUARY 28, TUESDAY @ 4:00 PM
April-2017 MARCH 30, THURSDAY @ 2:00 PM
May-2017 APRIL 27, THURSDAY @ 4:00 PM
June-2017 MAY 31, WEDNESDAY @ 1:30 PM
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE DEADLINES!  The MBTA will shut off our access as of the 1st of each month.  (They allow us and extension in Sept. because it is the start of the new year.)
Ms. Smith's office is 122, in the Charles Bldg., and will have office hours Monday - Thursday.  REMEMBER:  Ms. TAPS and Ms. Galvin no longer accept T-pass payments.  A drop box for payments is located in the Charles Bldg. (on wall next to Ms. Smith's office, underneath dry erase message board)

Questions? Contact Lisa Smith at 617-354-0047 ext. 122 or email