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Our Students

Student Highlights

Samari Hull (7th Grader)

Samari's Quote:

"Pride and dedication is what you achieve through the years of CCSC" - Samari Hull

Samari's favorite Classes & Activities:

"Science is the most interesting class in 7th grade for me. Math is challenging but I can get it done. Humanities is fun. We get to read all kinds of books and one book I was really interested in was "Of Mice Of Men" . I definitely recommend that book to anyone. I play sports so last year in 6th grade I signed up for basketball and I got in! We practiced and played games. But due to coronavirus I couldn't go this year but I will go next year. Another sports club I did was skateboarding club. I learned a few tricks like the ollie. It was really fun!" -Samari Hull



Leslie Alvarez Roman (11th Grader)

Leslie's Favorite Quote:

"We have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible" -Beyonce

Special Shout-out:

"All teachers need a student who keeps them on their toes and pushes them to progress in the art of teaching. Leslie's confidence, discipline, and commitment to her learning help to challenge me to find new and inventive ways to educate students." - Ms. Ajanaku

Leslie's Clubs & Activities:

  • Social Justice Awareness
  • Club Newspaper Club
  • High school Student council
  • Softball