Committed to every student's success. Located in Kendall Square.

Apply to enroll in grades 6-9.

CCSC offers varsity and middle school teams and intramural athletics.

100% of graduates admitted to college

Senior Internship Program matches every 12th grader with a professional mentor.

"Drop Everything and Read" builds a community of avid readers. Apply to enroll in grades 6-9.

Committed to every student's success. Apply to enroll in grades 6-9.

News and Updates

Our 2015-16 enrollment cycle is underway, and we are accepting applications for students entering grades 6, 7, 8 or 9 next year. The next lottery application deadline is March 4, 2015. on>

Learn more about CCSC by watching this short video. on>

This survey is designed for students to provide feedback so that teachers can maximize their learning experiences at school. All students will complete the survey in advisory by 2/13. Students in advisory, please use this link to connect to your surveys: on>
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